Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Culinary Adventures

So first I'd like to apologize for waiting so long in between updates.
I'm going to try and post more regularly.

Yesterday, we decided to put to good use some of the things we got while shopping in Kampala almost three weeks ago. We bought ghee, which is clarified butter, and canned strawberries in syrup.

So we decided to borrow a waffle iron, and make waffles!

The first step was to readjust to using cast iron, both its weight and the need to keep it oiled.

The next thing was to adjust the thickness of the batter. I knew the waffles were supposed to come off on their own when they were finished, but I had to pry most of the first ones off with a fork to prevent them from burning, partially because of the batter, and partially because of the temperamental nature of the gas burner I was using.

I made it my goal to get at least one to fall off on its own when it was done, but Leah and I had a couple of good laughs as I gave up on a few more and pried them off. I didn't want to let the stove win. Finally, I managed to get one waffle to fall off the iron without using the fork at all. I consider that a victory.

Of course, even the ones I had to pry off tasted delicious when smothered with Hannah and Bekah's strawberries, and my ghee. However, Leah's prized, real 100% maple syrup was the real star of the night!

Last night we watched the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean and tonight we watched Escape from Planet Earth. We love to laugh, tell stories, and watch movies, and we topped off the night by making egg creams! They're not as good as the ones my dad makes, but they're pretty special all the same. By far the best part is the time spent in sweet fellowship with these ladies.

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