Friday, September 13, 2013

Engaleo-a? from Nalem Anna

So many exciting things to report. 

We are working out the plans for our preschool, deciding what we will do, and who will do what! I cannot wait to get working on materials for those precious little hands to use in learning and playing.
Another new thing is that as of tomorrow, I will be away from home for a week. It hardly feels like it could be, but remember that for me, half of that has been spent in the journey here.
Tonight, we are expecting my first Karamojong rainstorm! I will report about that if it happens; the rain has been fairly unpredictable lately.

This afternoon:

I was given my Ngkaramojong name; apparently Taryn is too much of a mouthful, and so they let me choose among three. I chose the one that means Harvest, as I have come in the time of the sugarcane harvest. Then they added my middle name, because one of the little girls on the mission is also named Nalem, so I am Nalem Anna! It does not sound so strange; already I am used to it. I do not want little ones that I am teaching, who are struggling with so much else to learn, to also have trouble saying my name. As my ears have gotten used to hearing the Karamojong language, and my mouth has begun to form the sounds, it makes sense to also have a new name. Erika's is Nyero, and they sound good together.
Nyero Erika and Nalem Anna, we are amalem (teachers) at the new school!

So, tell me! Engaleo-a? Are you well?

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  1. Ee, angaleo! Ani bo iyong? Engaleo-a?
    Glad you got a name so quickly! My name was Nakiru Emily for a long time, until the last couple months I was there, when they started calling me Nawurien -- the short one! They thought it was the funniest thing ever... and I am short, so it's fitting :)
    You're picking up ngaKarimojong quickly! Ejok etic! (good work!)
    Kimala daadang! (greet everyone for me)!
    Ikyaanyun! (bye!) -- Nawurien


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